Mathematics Assessment Gr 6


This diagnostic assessment assists learners to identify mastery of and gaps in blocks of Mathematics knowledge or skills of Grade 6 and Grade 5.

As soon as we receive notice of payment, we shall forward a link to you so that you can download the complete Assessment.

Which assessment to select?

If a learner does an assessment at the beginning of an academic year, we recommend that the learner does the assessment for the previous year, the beginning of grade 8 it makes sense to do the Grade 7 Assessment. If the learner does an assessment that includes topics not yet covered at school and the learner either leaves the topic out or answers it incorrectly, it will also show on the report as “Skills not yet mastered”.


Each assessment indicates exactly what level/grade of the content the learner has mastered. Therefore, it indicates where remedial work can be incorporated with existing knowledge and understanding.

The learner will receive a detailed report within 2 business days from submission of all answers. This report provides a breakdown of all CAPS topics indicating which topics have been mastered and which have not yet mastered by the learner.

Each assessment has 3 sections to allow learners to take a break between sections if required. The assessments mostly have free-fill answers. Each question has been carefully selected to test a specific CAPS outcome.


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