We are currently in a beta test phase. For a certain number of users we will supply free reports and will appreciate comments and suggestions.

Select the appropriate assessment for your grade. We will be in touch for delivery of the report once you have completed the quiz. Please make sure that you supply a valid email address for this purpose. The test and report will be in English.

The general assessments can be used to get an idea which topics need more attention and more or less in which grade your comprehension of the topic are less than ideal. Once the topics to focus on are identified by using the General Assessment appropriate for your grade, our detailed assessments can be used to fill the gaps and make mathematics the fun subject it is supposed to be.

Current grade = 10: Assessment Grade 7-8 (English)


Current grade = 9: Assessment Grade 6-7 (English)


Current grade = 8: Assessment Grade 5-6 (English)