“The 4th Industrial Revolution” (4thIR) has become one of the buzz-phrases of our time.

How will the 4thIR influence future employment? And, more importantly, how will it impact our ability to earn a living?

There are those who view this phenomenon as a threat to their ability to earn a living as there will undoubtedly be a complete change in the job market. Employment as we know it is not here to stay and many occupations will simply disappear. Jobs will be lost.

However, what looks like the end of the road may only be a sharp bend in the road for those who are flexible and willing to take on the many new opportunities presenting themselves. For every job taken over by a computer or robot a series of new career opportunities will open up.  The secret to surviving – and even thriving – in the changing environment, is the ability and willingness to adapt. Those who refuse or resist changing could soon find themselves in a very tight corner. However, for those willing to embrace transformation and the opportunities to grow the sky is not the limit, but the next frontier.

Two of the main directions I can think of are – for example -:

  • Those in which the human touch or emotional sensitivity are required – such as home care for the frail and,
  • Those in the fields of information technology (IT) and engineering supporting the new revolution.

How can we prepare the youth for the 4th IR?

The challenge and opportunity to grow is instilling a growth mindset in them; specifically, regarding Mathematics and Physical Science. As long as we think of these subjects as accessible only to a few so-called clever people, we are closing doors in our own faces. From the first encounter with the world children must learn to love and embrace numbers and science – which is surrounding them all the time if only we are able to recognise it. Children do not arrive in this world able to speak a language, ride a bicycle, play a musical instrument or kick a ball. They learn these from people who have mastered these skills. The same is true about Maths and Science. Unfortunately, many people have developed a mental block against these two fields and are perpetuating these blocks. It makes a lot more sense to allow people who are very comfortable with the subjects to open those fields up to the youth.

Engineering the change:

Choose to expose yourself and those close to you to the necessary support system(s) to change the limiting beliefs regarding Maths and Science. Most people can do it if exposed to it in the correct way. I have proved it many times over. Let us all contribute constructively to the rise of the 4th IR and open the gateway to the stars.